Cleanco Waste Treatment treats Medical Waste using the unit “GT 500” which has a capacity of 500 kg per hour. The treatment plant is operated for 2 (12 hours) shifts.

• Medical Waste is loaded automatically to the Shredding Unit where is it is shredded into small pieces of approximately 2 cm in size. The volume of waste is reduced up to 80%

• After shredding, the Medical Waste is automatically conveyed to a screw which is heated externally with special oil to 170 ° C. Steam is injected to ensure that the shredded waste is heated at 135 ° C under pressure of up to 1.2 bar

• The process eliminates completely all bacteria, fungi and viruses and the waste become completely sterile. Upon sterilization and disinfection process, the waste is pressed to separate the liquid, which will be treated

• The waste collected is considered Hazardous and after treatment it becomes Non-Hazardous waste. The solid Non-Hazardous waste is discharged dry and is not harmful any more to the environment, humans or animals