Cleanco Waste Treatment is responsible for the transport of Medical Waste using Refrigerated Transport Vehicles (RTVs) operating at 5°C to 8°C. The RTVs are permitted from the concerned Government bodies and from the Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi (Tadweer).

• Medical Waste is to be transported to the Treatment Facility in a safe manner that prevents or reduces the likelihood of it contaminating other areas in line with Federal Law No. (24) of 1999

• RTVs are operated in a manner that ensures the safe containment and transportation of Medical Waste (to protect from accidental exposure to infectious waste)

• RTVs are equipped with spill kits containing appropriate emergency spill response materials along with First Aid Kits and Spill Kits and Fire Extinguishers

• When the Medical Waste is transported to the Treatment Plant, it is placed in cold storage. The refrigerated storage is operated at Degree C to 8°C and the Medical Waste is treated on a “first in-first out” basis