Our Requirements

Generators are required to be in compliance with the following Health Authority (HAAD) stipulations in regards to handling of Medical Waste:

• Medical Waste must be segregated at the source of generation and not be mixed with other wastes. Use appropriate bags for each of the waste categories produced.

• Do not place other wastes inside bags and containers. Contents of bags and containers must not be handled or removed.

• Make sure that bags are not filled more than 65% of their capacity and that bags are tied and sealed properly in order to prevent leakage. Do not drag bags on the floor and use trolleys for transfer.

• Bags should not be compacted in containers. Keep container covers closed. Do not fill containers to more than 75% of capacity. Store containers in final Medical Waste storage room for collection.

• Sharps boxes should be sealed with a cap or lock and should not be filled more than 75% of their capacity.