Our Objectives

• To become the leading choice for customers and clients, providing best Medical Waste management services for the Public and Private Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

• To eliminate health, environmental and safety risks in our work, avoiding accidents and spills whilst handling waste and cooperating with producers to minimize the generation of waste

• To utilize the best available equipment and technology when collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of Medical Wastes, in a way that respects laws, rules and regulations

• To improve and modernize procedures for the handling of Medical Wastes giving our customers and clients ‘best practice’ solutions in handling Medical Waste

• To develop world class standards in provision of our services based on sustainable management practices that respect the principles of waste reduction

• To manage environmental protection and exercise pollution control for the benefit and well-being of the environment and public health

• To combine improved efficiency and cost effectiveness whilst minimizing emissions of harmful substances and pollution of the environment

• To be in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations governing Medical Waste management in the United Arab Emirates